A client of mine is embarking on a fitness goal, so I decided to support him (and myself) with a new program from Scott Sonnon. Day One - Ugh. Day Two - Ugh. Day Nine - Still UGH when i put on my sneakers and press play. But I earned those 9 check marks. By the time I finished this morning's workout i felt energetic and flexible....and accomplished.

I need to thank 9 day ago me. Hopefully 1 month from now me will thank today's me. That's how it works. Tomorrow is planted today. Next year is planted today. I learn that every time I start something cool or not cool. The me down the line is either grateful or pissed. And I get to choose how he thinks of me, now. Today. This morning.

Cliche'? Perhaps. True? Hell Yeah. Do tomorrow's you a favor today.



04/28/2016 12:54am

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10/16/2016 8:46pm

You're so determined in your goals! It's so inspiring! I really like the way you talking about all that!


It's a good strategy. I will definitely use your experience in the future.

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